Worship Arts Ministry

Common Ground Worship

It’s more than music, it’s life!”


At Common Ground we DO worship a little different. We make a choice to place God at the CENTER of our worship. We offer HIM all of our HEART, SOUL, and MIND. At Common Ground, we desire the Spirit of the Living God, and we EXPERIENCE the Spirit of God through worship music, prayer, obedience, and a powerful message. At Common Ground, it is not unCommon for the Spirit of God to show up, and move like a WAVE through a body of broken people seeking HIS perfect LOVE . You may have experienced church before… But at Common Ground you WILL experience something more. Come join us and find out what is so uncommon about Common Ground. Do you have a passion for worship, do you want to join a passionate worship team? Or maybe you just have a question/comment? Use the form below and someone will contact you soon