Common Ground encourages our congregation to invest in books that feed the soul. The following are a few of our more popular books. Some are authored by our staff. Many can be purchased from our church office or online.
A book designed for those who’ve just accepted Christ or those who want to build a deeper foundation to their spiritual life.  Foundations helps a person develop the foundations of their spiritual life.  The book contains eleven chapters.  Each chapter contains a short bible study, questions to consider, one spiritual discipline (a short technique used to connect your spirit to God), and a journal for personal reflection.  Foundations can be downloaded as a FREE PDF FILE, or can be purchased online or at the church office in a soft cover format.
SO THIS IS FAITH is the continuation of FOUNDATIONS.  So this is faith continues to build on the Biblical teaching and spiritual disciplines taught in FOUNDATIONS.  Each chapter also contains a Journal the reader can use to track their spiritual development.  This Two-Book series provides the new believer and growing Christian with almost six months of material!  This can be purchased in the Church office or on AMAZON.Com
Manna is a book for those trying to find or maintain faith during difficult days.  Pastor Stirratt wrote Manna during a very difficult period of life as God was teaching him some serious lessons about obedience.  Working from Jesus’ call to pray “give us this day our daily bread”, Kevin calls the reader to follow God even when he provides “just enough, just in time”.  This can be purchase in the church office or on

A GENEROUS LIFE calls the reader to embrace a Godly extravagance in our relationships.  Where most people choose to give only to the extent they receive, Jesus gives us a different model.  We are to LAVISH love on everyone, even those who don’t  love us back.  That is to live a generous life.  This book deals with topics like Marriage and parenting, as well as relationships at work, church, and the neighborhood.  This book will challenge the reader to the core.  Expect to be called to serve like Jesus serves.  This can be purchased in the church office or on

While there are so many great translation, the NLT excels because it attempts to translate the original languages into modern english. So, it strikes a wonderful balance between accurate translation from the original language with a very readable version.
The Life Application Study Bible version of the NLT is a wonderful resource for those wanting to study the Bible a little deeper. The pages are filled with devotionals, applications to daily living, explanations of verses, and more. These are available in the church office or on