CG Sports Ministry

CG Sports sponsors such ministries as Children’s Flag Football, and Cheerleading Leagues; Men’s Basketball Open Gym Nights, Archery and “Run with Endurance 5K-10K Run Walk, and many other events.
We are sorry to have to discontinue the Basketball and Cheerleading season for the upcoming 2019-2020 season. Thank you to the many coaches and leaders that helped make this program a success for the past 10 years. Although we would have loved to continue the program, we did not have enough leaders to make that happen. We are sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment it may cause you or your child and pray that you will join us for one of our other awesome programs.
For more information, contact the sports leaders listed below. Be sure to visit each sports’ page by clicking the picture links below.

Children’s Sporting Leagues

Click the images below to go to their ministry page.



Rod Penrod CG Sports Pastor
Flag Football Director
(260) 804-6494
Candy Tebow Winter Cheer Director 260-223-0682
Jill Welch Spring Cheer Director
Randy Gage Center Shot Archery Director 260-223-0804

Tim Powell 5K Race & Fundraising  Director  260-241-4875

Chris Mowery Men’s Basketball Director