Building Friendships While Studying God’s Word


Common Ground University, or CGU, is Common Ground’s Small Group Ministry.  The year is made up of three semester (sometimes called tri-mesters).  Each semester is followed by a month-long break where you can sign up for a new class, rejoin the one you just finished, or maybe even start a class of your own!

CGU Classes come in a variety of emphasis.  While they all focus on applying the Bible to daily living, there are several categories:  Topical Bible Study, Discipleship, Leadership, Marriage and Family, or classes focues on a particular Life-Stages (i.e. teenagers, children, sr. adults, young adults, etc…)

Before each semester a new catalog is produced showing what classes are available.  This catalog can be searched online.  To see all classes, don’t select any categories and just click “search”.  If you want to boil down the classes by when they meet, their category, or even if children are invited simply check the appropriate search categories before clicking “search”.

Classes fill up quickly and you only have until the 2nd week of the semester to join, so sign up quickly.  To sign up, mark the class number on a communication card during worship and drop it in the bulletin, contact the class leader from the catalog search tool, or call the church office at 260-724-7729.


CGU Leader


Emily Knickrehm– CGU/Sunday School Superintendent 260-223-1486