What is InFellowship?

InFellowship is an online resource for Common Ground attendees. This resource provides many ways to connect with other Common Ground attendees, find small groups (we call them “Connection Points”), communicate with group members, look up a name to put with a face in our online directory, make a one time donation or schedule a recurring donation, or even look at your giving history and print off a contribution statement at tax time.


InFellowship is highly secure and can be accessed from the link at the top of this web page or by clicking HERE. You can also go directly to Infellowship at Once you register and the church office connects your InFellowship account with our church database, you will be able to enjoy all the functions of InFellowship.

Download the “Introducing InFellowship“.


Do I have to register to use InFellowship?

You do not need to register to use the Group Finder Tool.  That can be accessed from the Home Page of the church web site or by clicking HERE.  Other parts of InFellowship require you to register.


How do I register for InFellowship?


Step One:  Go to and click register in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Enter your information and register.

Step Two:  InFellowship will send you and email with instructions on how to verify your InFellowship account.

Step Three:  Within a week, the church office staff will connect your InFellowship registration with your information on the church database.  You can enjoy some of the resources of InFellowship immediately.  Other features, like viewing your giving to the church, will only be available once your account has been verified in the office.

Step Four:  Enjoy InFellowship!


What Can I Do Inside InFellowship?

Once you have registered for InFellowship, you are able to several things including

-update your family information in the “Your Profile” area

-Adjust who can see what part of your information by adjusting your “Privacy Settings”.  For instance you can allow the leader of your group to see your email, but restrict group members to your phone number or address.

-When adjusting your Privacy Settings, You can sign up to be included in InFellowship’s Online Directory.  You cannot access the online directory unless your profile has been verified in the church office and you’ve signed up to be included in the Directory.  So, you can be sure that your information is only being seen by people who attend Common Ground.

-You can stay in touch with groups you attend or lead.  Group leaders can track attendance, invite new members, and send notes to the entire group.  Some groups even allow group members to email each other from within InFellowship. Anyone can search and view most Connection Points through InFellowship.

-Once registered, you can give online through your checking or credit card.  Once the office has verified your account, you can view your giving history, and print giving statements.