What to Expect


Checking out a church can be an uncomfortable experience.  At Common Ground, we want you to take your time, ask questions, and get a feel for the church- even if you do all of that from this site.  Once you are comfortable with what you see, we would love to meet you in person.  Explore the links below, submit a question, request information….  We want you to be comfortable, so take your time.

When You Arrive

As you pull into Common Ground, feel free to park in either lot.  Both sides lead to the foyer where you will find the welcome station as well as the Cafe.  Be sure to stop at the welcome station to check in new children and ask whatever questions you may have.  Ushers and greeters will also be available at the doors to guide you.  Grab a free coffee or water at the cafe and relax.


Worship at Common Ground is contemporary.  The worship band will lead you in a variety of songs in a style you might hear listening to your radio on the way to work.  You will notice there are both rows of chairs and round tables.  Feel free to sit at either.  Feel free to bring your coffee or water in the sanctuary.  Relax!  You’re among friends.


At Common Ground the Bible is shared in an upbeat, encouraging attitude.  We dig into God’s Word and apply it to daily living.  You won’t hear a lot of “churchy” language, and we do our best to make Jesus’ teachings make sense to even the newest worshippers.


Common Ground is “Come As You Are”.  Whether you prefer blue jeans and a t-shirt,  slacks and a button down, sandles and shorts, or even high-heels and a skirt, you will fit right in.


Common Ground is a church without the “churchy” feel.  People enjoy coffee and fellowship before and after worship.  This is a real church for real people.  We love to laugh, and we refuse to take ourselves too seriously.

Children’s Ministries

Your children will be safe at Common Ground.  New attenders are welcome to receive help checking in at the welcome station.  When you’re comfortable, you can also feel free to check yourself in at the Check-in Tree in the lobby. (You can’t miss it.)  You will check your child in and receive a “claim check” that identifies you as your child’s parent.  Our toddler and infant nurseries are well staffed and clean.  Our children’s worship is full of energy and sound Biblical teaching.  Pastors Eric and Debbie Ward are among the best children’s pastors in the country and we are proud to have them on staff at Common Ground.